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Tiamaranta Eye's 7.7

October 21st, 2020 By Rinzler

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- After defeating the Guardian Corps monsters, you can obtain a key and open various chest.
- The Guardian Corps' treasure chests/treasure chests are hidden all over the eyes of Tiamaranta.

- Governor Sunayaka or Berserker Sunayaka appears in the eyes of Tiamaranta every 2H.
- Sunayaka can be attacked by alliance and various items are paid as rewards.

- In the eyes of Tiamaranta, you can get opportunities to acquire experience and treasure through various quests.

- When talking with NPC Bororun, you can select one of the 4 ultimate transformations to apply the transformation effect.
- You can purchase "Ultimate Severe Thorn Equipment Box" using Kinah from NPC Lithung.


-1:Tiamaranta Eye's is an integrated server and the "Dimensional Hourglass" is not exhausted!!!

-2: It is not possible to transform into a guardian shrine in the "Tiamaranta's Eye" area.

-3: The Ultimate Transformation buff received from Eye of Tiamaranta will be removed upon exit.