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Return of the Suspicious Alchemists

September 23rd, 2020 By Rinzler

il y a 2 mois

The Suspicious Alchemists have returned to Atreia! Learn their ancient secrets to turn lead into special keys which unlock chests full of prizes. There’s even a new merchant full of rewards.

Part One: Suspicious Alchemist

Every day starting at 9:00 AM. server time, visit Alchemist to receive a free [Event] Key Pouch which will contain either a Copper Key or a Gold Key.

The Copper Key opens the Common Treasure Box and the Gold Key opens the larger Premium Treasure Box. Be sure to log in every day during the Alchemist Event and get your FREE Key Pouch!

Part Two: Transmuting Keys

Alchemist’s Pouches will be dropping from instance bosses. Open an Alchemist’s Pouch to obtain (1) [Event] Lead Fragment or (1) [Event] Alchemic Essence. Combining the two items will create an [Event] Key Pouch.

Treasure Boxes can be found in: Sanctum, Pandaemonium, Heiron, Beluslan, Inggison, Gelkmaros.