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Aion 7.9 [Panesterra 2.0]

November 8th, 2020 By Rinzler

il y a 2 semaines

Join the Endless Battle and Fight Against Players!!!

[No Dimensional Hourglass Required]

Panesterra is an always ongoing battlefield that connects players from different servers.

Each race from every server is assigned to a different camp inside Panesterra and players from all other camps are your enemies.

That means even players from the same race but from a different server can be attacked.

Panesterra was the Rune tribe's region in Balaurea. The soil of Panesterra was permeated with Idgel for a long time, making it porous. There was an explosion of Id, which tore the land asunder and pulled it into another dimension.

The individual shards are saturated with Aether. This makes them float and pulled them to their current location.

Panesterra is divided into 4 territories. [Belus - Aspida - Atanos - Disilon]

Each territory has it's own fortress: 4 Fortress, 16 base and 32 artefacts. All territory are connected to each other and players can move freely between them.

You can fly outside of Panesterra's forts which means it's a combination off aerial and ground battlefield.

However, unlike in the Abyss, you can not fly inside Panesterra Forts.